Saint Cecilia is not amused

Patron of musicians, brave martyr, philosopher, leader in the early church…Why is Cecilia, whose feast day is today, 22nd November,  always so pissed off in art?

Por ejemplo:

Saint Cecilia thanks you for the flower crown; now would you please leave her alone to practice her arpeggios?



Saint Cecilia is understandably narked that her musical instrument is really more of a prop than an instrument.



Saint Cecilia was trying to pray but then both a dude in tights AND an angel intruded. UGH.



Saint Cecilia WAS PRACTICING and then this WEREWOLF DUDE interrupted.



Saint Cecilia: ‘Yep, yep, just keep screeching along on those viols…that won’t impede my ability to nap at all…’



Saint Cecilia is resting her arms because holding up an entire row of organ pipes is exhausting.



Saint Cecilia is annoyed that someone turned off all the lights in the practice room.



Hold up, angels: Saint Cecilia is just gonna rock a solo here, OK, angels?



Saint Cecilia can’t make up for this angel’s utter inattention to time signature.



Saint Cecilia really things there’s only room for the angel, the little woman, and herself in this tiny room, thanks dudes.



Saint Cecilia cannot see the music when you hold it over there, cherub!



Saint Cecilia has reached Peak Pre-raphaelite and just don’t care anymore.



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