Poems for the annunciation

Annunciation - Rose M Barron
Annunciation – Rose M Barron

It’s both April (International Poetry Month, huzzah!) and also the (deferred) feast of the annunciation. So I thought I’d share with you two of Mary Szybist’s poems about the annunciation (I reviewed this collection earlier.)

Annunciation as Right Whale with Kelp Gulls

I tell you i have seen them in their glee

diving fast into the sureness of her flesh,
fast into the softness of

her wounds — have seen them

peel her, have seen them give themselves

full to the effort and the
lull of it —

Why wouldn’t such sweetness
be for them?

For they outnumber her.

For she is tender, pockmarked, full

of openness. For they

swoop down on her wherever she surfaces. For they

eat her alive. For they take mercy on others and show them the way.

At high tide, more gulls lift from the mussel beds and soar toward her.

For they do sit and eat, for they do sit and eat

a sweetness prepared for them

until she disappears again into the water.


Girls Overheard While Assembling a Puzzle

Are you sure this blue is the same as the
blue over there? The wall’s like the
bottom of a pool, its
color I mean. I need a
darker two-piece this summer, the kind with
elastic at the waist so it actually
fits. I can’t
find her hands. Where does the gold
go? It’s like the angel’s giving
her a little piece of honeycomb to eat.
I don’t see why God doesn’t
just come down and
kiss her himself. This is the red of that
lipstick we saw at the
mall. This piece of her
neck could fit into the light part
of the sky. I think this is a
piece of water. What kind of
queen? You mean
right here? And are we supposed to believe
she can suddenly
talk angel? Who thought this stuff
up? I wish I had a
velvet bikini. That flower’s the color of the
veins in my grandmother’s hands. I
wish we could
walk into that garden and pick an
X-ray to float on.
Yeah. I do too. I’d say a
zillion yeses to anyone for that.


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