Typography (mapping of typos)

One of the best things about being engaged in a long-term writing project is the number of amusing number of typos, suggested corrections, etc. For example, so far this week:

  1. I typed ‘encuntered’ instead of ‘encountered’. I personally think ‘encuntered’ should be a word, and I am taking recommendations for definitions of this word.
  2. Autocorrect suggested ‘jockstrap’ when I mistyped ‘curacies’. HOW are these two words related, Autocorrect?
  3. I typed ‘ambivalance’ instead of ‘ambivalence’, the former being a lance which can’t decide which way to go. Because jousting metaphors are so useful when one is writing practical theology, obviously.
  4. I typed ‘tweetable’ which, thank sweet baby Jesus, isn’t really a word and my spellcheck refuses to recognise it as such. But then I decided a well-placed hyphen could not only change it into ‘tweet-able’, as intended, but also ‘twee-table’, a much more interesting concept. What makes a table twee?  Also, I feel like this is a potentially excellent cryptic crossword answer.
  5. I typed ‘bigtoed’ instead of ‘bigoted’. Make of that what you will.

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