Today begins the third week of Advent, when the church talks a lot about John the Baptizer – ‘the messenger’. To celebrate, here are some of my favourite songs about messengers.

1.  The Darkness – ‘Messenger’.

2. Turisas – ‘The Messenger’

3.  Now I was not really sure which version of ‘Wicked Messenger’ to post. As much as I love the Dylan version, I dearly love both Patti Smith’s and Black Keys’ versions, too.

4.  Oh, the 1970s! How can you not love Jean-Luc Ponty’s ‘Cosmic Messenger’? Here, I will put the whole album up for your enjoyment.

5. Johnny Marr’s ‘The Messenger’ from the album of the same name, both because the song is good but also because the video is gorgeously graphic-novel-y.

6. Coldplay: stealing lyrics from Christian hymns before Mumford & Sons got around to it.

7. M.I.A.’s  THE MESSAGE.  I like to think of M.I.A. as a kind of contemporary John the Baptizer.

8. Let’s go out on a chill note, shall we? Xavier Rudd, ‘Messages’.


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