New music from that pesky Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire, ‘Afterlife’

Woot! They have a new album, titled ‘Reflektor’, out next Monday/Tuesday.  For all you who were convinced they’d officially gone too mainstream with ‘Suburbs’, may I commend you to the album ‘Scratch My Back’, in which Peter Gabriel covers ‘My Body is a Cage’; also to ‘And I’ll Scratch Yours’, in which AF cover Gabriel’s ‘Games Without Frontiers’. A little bit of collaboration – keepin’ things real.

Or, even more excitingly, check out AF’s scoring Spike Jonze’s upcoming film ‘Her’, the plot of which sounds not unlike that recent episode of Broken Mirror, but with Joaquin Phoenix acting suitably and characteristically melancholy.*

My only hope is that they haven’t left the pipe organ of ‘Neon Bible’ behind forever.


* His big puppy eyes! So, so sad all the time!




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