Safrina Ahmed – Layers of Kant Reveal:

Today, a poem from the 2012 Foyle’s Young Poets award collection in which young people ages 11-17 compete yearly.

Layers of Kant reveal:

The clouded mind is Kant without his hair extension, his eyelash curler.

We met last night and he was like Christmas, sad, a tree.

Kant told me to toss my arms in the oven,

think of the world as a big wound.

Kant is Japanese and has a cremated heat. He asks if I’m married although

my hands are full of wild sea creatures.


Kant has a smooth back and he is like my husband. I wrap my face in yours

and we giggle because I love you when you are a honey collector,

straw hat touching my nose, when you hum feminist mantras to me, and

me and Kant, we giggle when I tell him, I love my husband.



One thought on “Safrina Ahmed – Layers of Kant Reveal:

  1. Hi Erin, this is actually my poem! Haha. Thank you posting it on your blog, I hope you enjoyed the poem. The Foyle Award is a massive asset to young people and more folk should be encouraged to enter.

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