Stornoway’s latest – Knock me on the head

Wa hey! After three long years, Stornoway’s sophomore (not to be confused with sophomoric) album, their first single being a song (in their own words) ‘loosely based on the Rime of the Ancient Mariner.’  They’re playing two shows in the London area, in Kingston-Upon-Thames and in Kentish Town. Time to acquire some tickets.

I discovered Stornoway rather randomly, following a blog of a person I met at a wedding at which I knew approximately 1.5 out of the two hundred people in attendance. I say 1.5 because I only knew one of them very well. I am very glad for some fortuitous seat arrangement, however, as I was seated next to a fellow writer and music enthusiast with whom I was able to while away the otherwise potentially very odd reception, the which involved one of the most hilarious(and unoffensive) best man speeches I have ever heard. Those of you who know of my love for Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard will be unsurprised to learn that he featured in this speech; you may however be surprised that he was wearing boxing gloves. I leave you to form your own mental pictures.

For those of you who already fans of Stornoway, you can hear more of the band’s new music here. In this video they appear to have every instrument ever crammed into what appears to be the helm of a boat. That’s London for you.


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