Back to school (at last)

I’d hit that…book?

Starting up on year two of my masters’ degree tomorrow. I’ve been debating how I should refer to it in my head. The possibilities include:

1. The Year of Doing All the Reading

2. The Year of Way Too Much ‘Social Transformation’ (the phrase appears in two of my module titles)

3. The Year of the Dissertation (proper title TBD depending on dissertation topic)

4. The Year of Shit Being Got Together and Hopefully Avoiding Fans

5. The Year of Not Trying to Use ‘Evangelical’ as the Insult-to-end-all-Insults

6. The Year of Monthly-not-Weekly Waitrose Errands

7. The Year of Using the Gym on Campus

8. The Year of Having my MA Course Mates over to Spitalfields to Chillax

9. The Year of Starting to pick up Hebrew

10. The Year of Attending More Chapel Services Than Last Year, i.e. Attending At Least One Chapel Service

11. The Year of Staking a Claim on a Carrel

12. The Year of Having Opinions, even if they change

Didn’t start out expecting that list to be rather more about resolutions than nicknames. I guess that there are worse places to start back up in study than at the intersection of humor and good intentions.


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